Komplément is a global provider of business sales consulting and marketing services. Our specialization is developing sales and marketing strategy in the Public Sector Verticals of State, Local, and Education. We are one of the leading experts in E-Rate and its related market strategies.
Marketing Agency

Our house of creatives contains a variety of individuals with hands-on experience in all things marketing strategy and content development.

Komplément has copywriters, developers, designers, composers, photographers, videographers, social media and marketing experts ready to assist all of your business needs.

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Komplément Co-Founder Shelby Rogowski worked in various corporate and agency environments throughout her career. She always saw these companies running into a roadblock- the inability to curate talent in the workplace. There was an infinite revolving door of new hires to fill the next project’s creative “gap”. With her large network of fellow creatives, she saw an opportunity to become the solution and close the gap, bringing high quality talent to companies in need.


The internet is a vast ecosystem of content. We make sure your brand thrives in that environment. Not only do we engineer a marketing strategy specifically designed for your unique business plan, we create and manage your content for you. This is the white glove world of creative, luxury marketing. Have a slice, engage in one of our services, or buy the whole pie! We offer a little bit of everything. We develop strategy and create sexy.


Why hire one person when you can hire an entire team for the same cost? We juggle all the boring stuff so you can get creative. Hire Komplément to assist your existing team or outsource us to be your marketing team. You don’t have to deal with the paperwork of bringing on multiple individuals (and we are still less expensive than one creative expert on salary!)


We are one of the leading experts in E-Rate and its related market strategies.

Together with Komplément Business Consulting, we aid in content development, management, and marketing outreach for technology in the Public Sector; State, Local, and Education verticals with a speciality in the E-Rate Federal Program.


Shelby Rogowski, Chief Marketing Officer


Leading Talent in Creative Marketing


Our talented creators and marketers have worked with a variety of high profile clients on a multitude of projects in different verticals. Some of those clients include Nike, HBO, Vogue, Oracle, Samsung, ADP, Uber, Target, Google, Virgin Hotels, and more.

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We establish your story, your tone, and your message, and bring them together to form a brand people remember, trust, and rely on.


We cater to our clients’ needs on all fronts:

  • Web, Print, and Graphic Design
  • Photography and Video Production
  • Musical Composition
  • Swag, Merchandise, and Tradeshow Production


We’ll strategically develop content, plan posts, and upload unique content that establishes your company’s aesthetic, and manage influencer relationships.


Events should be enjoyed and used as networking tools. Let us do all the planning and management, so you can focus on building new relationships. We've planned many events to include national roadshows!

  • Location Scouting
  • Accomidations
  • Logistics
  • Equipment Reservations and Set Up
  • Invitation Design
  • E-Blasts
  • Ticketing
  • Attendee/Guest List Management
  • Catering