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I Am Watching You HeHe And So Are My Friends

The 21st century is a spy’s paradise. Before, if you wanted to gather incriminating evidence on a person, you had to go out and hire an old-fashioned private detective with a drinking problem to go and take pictures. Today those private detectives are hardly necessary. We live surrounded by countless devices practically tailor-made to catch you unaware. Not only do Alexa and Siri listen to your every word (and probably gossip about us on their spare time in some digital rec room), but even the devices you believe to be in your control can be used against you.

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Money Has Hacked Evolution

Capitalism at its best strives to be like life itself. As nature gambles on genetic mutations, businesses gamble with an idea, and the law of survival of the fittest kicks in to sort out the good from the bad. In this way, a society full of self-interest money-makers actually seems destined for greatness - when only the best ideas survive, soon the world will have to be populated by amazing products, good prices, and businesses that compete to treat their customers in better ways than all the others.

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Weird Science: Old Habits (Can) Die Hard

Old habits can die hard, but only if you want them to. Unfortunately, most of us are creatures of habit. In fact, in a recent study of 2,000 Americans done by Market Researchers OnePoll this year showed that 80% of us are stuck in a routine. What does this mean for 2018 and our New Years Resolutions? How do we turn our new year from predictable to unpredictable? 

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Weinstein's Working World

Harvey Weinstein was raised in a world which taught him that he could exert his awful power on women and society would protect him. And it did. For decades.

Does this make him unique, or someone who simply learned the lessons he was taught? Even low estimates put a number of women who experience sexual harassment at work at 25%. But that is hardly indicative of the scope of the problem. According to a 2016 report by the EEOC, sometimes up to 90% of sexual harassment cases, whose victims are both male and female, go unreported.

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Company Wellness Makes Us Happy… And It Makes Us Rich

There’s a lot to say for Company Wellness programs, but before we dive into the details that will sell you on it, let’s just start with the most crucial figure. If you only know one thing about Company Wellness, it should be this: According to the RAND Corporation: For every dollar a business spends on Company Wellness, they see $3.80 ROI. That’s nearly a 400% return on your investment. So let’s take a look at why that is.

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