Advertising 101: Organic Outreach


Today, we have so many digital platforms and applications on the internet that the world wide web is an infinite index of social and inspirational content, shopping options and information galore. It's the largest library that the world has ever seen. With this library bringing companies into direct contact with its customers, it's no wonder why the internet has become such a strong arena for marketers and the art of a sale.

At Komplément, we believe that there are two crucial focal points to reaching our client's customers.

  1. Content Development

  2. Organic Outreach: Social Media, Google, Mail, Events

Organic outreach is all the dirty “behind the scenes” work we do to build a following; slowly building followers that will follow for life, and turning them into customers that will buy for life.

This process isn’t limited to just creativity but includes a lot of science, analytics, and event planning to make sure the targeting is strategic and the engagement is real. We also do everything without the use of bots or scripts, which often end up getting companies in trouble with their Google standing or even banned from social platforms.

Our main tactic is not to simply buy an email list of who you want to reach, and then bombard them with emails. Most people unsubscribe from e-mail lists pretty quickly because they are getting far too many from far too many sources.

I’m not saying get rid of e-mail blasts altogether.

Here is a suggestion: Send two a month. A short “snog” (short blog) announcing your promotions. Send out a monthly curated email including articles about your company happenings, things the company is interested in, and interviews with influencers or tastemakers. You will be putting out information that is informative and inspirational, which is the kind of content people go online for in the first place. If you practice the principle of quality over quantity, you will gain the attention of your target market without annoying your customers. This rule in combination with a chic aesthetic will keep the engagement consistent and on the rise.

Heres our secret: make the content you create so endearing, and the events you host so exquisite, that people think it was their idea to get involved with you in the first place.

Connect with customers on social media. Promote your reoccurring events, announcements, and sales across your social media platforms. Let people ask you questions, and make it easy to get in touch with you to find out more. Let them give you their contact information because they can’t live without hearing from you.

The only time you should send anything directly to a prospective customer that hasn’t volunteered to give you their information is when it is delivered in a very specific language: print design and in the mail.

Yes, many people think the world of print has been rendered obsolete in the digital age. It hasn’t. Don’t think of digital as the replacement for print, think of it as a compliment. Just as social media is an extension of your company’s digital presence, we always recommend to our clients that they look at print design as an extension of your company’s physical presence. You can leave a lasting impression that will make people become interested instantly.

Just like how so many people still prefer books to Kindles, we still yearn for information that we can put our hands on, feel its weight, and recognize it with more than just one of our senses. Not many people are still investing in this aged medium. Use that to your advantage. This will automatically make your company unique and set it apart from the competition. Target the recipients based on the premise of solid backend analytics that make it easy to see who is going to be interested and willing to spend the money. Print can be very expensive, so you will want to be sure you know who you’re sending your announcement out to (you will save more trees this way too!). Protect your investment.

All of this, in combination with solid search engine optimization (google ads, keywords), and social media optimization (social media ads, back-end with data, strategic posting, and interaction) will lead to your company expanding its reach… as long as what you are selling and the content you are pushing are of good quality.

Shelby Rogowski